This site is about hikking and trekking in the french mountains.
I'am a mountain leader for ten years, leaving 40 kms south of Grenoble.
My plaisure is to bring groups on beautiful and wild places to discover history of farmers-mountainers, rocks and how the shape of mountains were built, life of plants and animals and other pleasant encounters in nature. It is, as well, the opportunity to live a greater moment in nature, to take a break in a convivial atmosphere.
Some of my proposals are walking trips (trek), crossing a range of mountain or a region, going from refuge to refuge or gite.
An other way is a week hiking trough an area, day after day from the same gite. Sometimes we need to use a vehicule or a local transport.
As well, we can meet for a day hike in the neighbour mountains. It means Taillefer area (border of Ecrin National Park), Oisans/Valbonnais, Matheysine, Beaumont and Trièves, also Vercors, Chartreuse and Belledonne.
Treks and hikes in summer :

13 days trek around the Ecrin national park. From valleys to passes, between high and famous summits, we'll discover plenty of different landscapes. For motivate and enduring walkers. Nights in refuges and gites.
6 days trek in the Cerces range, north of Briançon. A week in altitude. For good walkers. Nights in refuges.
6 days hike in the Dévoluy range, north-west of Gap, dolomitic like mountains. For average walkers. Nights in gites.
Hikes in winter :

A one day escape on soft slopes with snowshoes on, to fellow animals tracks and to get to beautiful views. Places around Grenoble : Vercors, Charteuse, Belledonne, Ecrin national park, and a little further south, Dévoluy.
A one week hike discovering a valley or a range of mountain : Cerces (from Névache village), Queyras, Ubaye, and Dévoluy.
A 2 days (or 1 and 1/2) hike around Alpe du Grand Serre, Gresse en Vercors, the Signareaux, Chamrousse; places about 45 minutes driving from Grenoble.
Treks and hikes off season :

It is sometime the best moment to discover the mountains. In the fall, colours magnify the whole nature. In the spring, plants are flowering and streams are running down slopes powerfully. Animals are more visible ! Patience and quiet behaviour make the observation possible.
Come for a day hike or a week, experience the atmosphere of secret and wild areas.
When climat freeze up here, it's still possible to hike south of France :
- Caroux mountains, west of Montpellier. A 1000 meters altitude plateau and valleys to gave you a chance to see mouflons and walk trough heather's moor, evergreen oak and chesnut tree forest. 5 to 7 days trek for medium walkers.
-Calanques limestone mountains, east of Marseille. A spectacular bright rocky place with unbelievable cliffs above the sea. 5 days hike for medium walkers.
-Iles d'Or area, east of Toulon. Port-Cros National Park and Porquerolles islands. Come explore pathes along sand beaches and on hills hinterland. 5 days hike for moderate walkers.
Hikes or treks abroad :

Your dream is to discover Iceland ? The country of Ice, Volcanoes, powerfull rivers and incredible sceneries ? It is a trip of a lifetime. You will encounter history of earth, do birds watching and walk trough boundless spaces.
I can organise a 14 days trip (walking and driving around) with a local agency I work for.

Technicals points :

If you are a group (friends, family, working mates, associations...) I can organise a trip in the mountains for you.
If you are an individual, you can join a formed group of french speakers, that I'll be guiding or with a collegues of mine.

Prices :

For a day hike 3 seasons, 25 euros/person/day and 185 euros/group/day.
For a day hike in winter, 25 euros/person/day, if you bring your snowshoes, and 30 euros with the snowshoes lended.
If you are a group, the price is 185 euros/group/day, without snowshoes; and 215 euros with snowshoes lended.
You might need security pack (dva, shovel, sonde) depending of the choice of hike and of snow-forecast condition.
It's about 9 euros/person/day, less for each days added.


You can reach me by mail
mobile phone : 06 71 99 69 53
home phone : 04 76 81 67 54.
I'll do my best to prepare your trip in the French Alps!

You have a project, we can talk about it, I organise the sojourn for you !

You send me a mail and I send you back technical informations about the hikes.
As long as not many mountain leaders speak english I can move to an other region.
All my proposals, treks, hikes and days hike are running well, I'm used to guide it.

See you soon in the mountains,
Caroline de Beaucorps,
Mountain leader,
38350, La Mure, France.

Welcome to the French Alps!

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